Actors wanted for "race, potwierdzoneCzas three pm, Audition Wednesday, April, must wear a - singapore, Singapore


Actors wanted for "race, potwierdzoneCzas three pm, Audition Wednesday, April, must wear a

  • Location: singapore, Singapore
  • Street Address:
  • Date Posted: Apr 13
  • Phone: 96620065
Inviting all aspiring actors / aktorek.Cześć, We are a group of students from Singapore Polytechnic Diploma in Media and Communication. We are in need of actors / actresses and extras for film production 3min. A short film is designed to meet the growing feelings of xenophobia in Singapore. We try to capture the essence of how foreigners can interfere with our heartlands.Filmowanie will be on April 20 to April 21, 2013 roku.Podstawowe requirements: - Able to commit to two dates to shoot. - Do not require prior experience, but the beneficial effects-Singapore / person / Foreigners are welcome to zastosowaniaGłówne roles: 1 Singaporean man, AdamMężczyzna, China, 18 - 25 years, Small-Medium Build, Able to speak basic English and mandarynki.2. ZłodziejMężczyzna, China, 18 - 25 years old, of medium build, Able to speak basic English and Mandarin, physically (some scenes require a bit of running, and jumping) 3 Cyclist 1 and 2Mężczyzna, Chinese / Malay / Indian / Eurasia, 18-30 years old, medium build, physically. Two cyclists play a key role in nabbing supporting złodzieja.Rolach: 1 Coffee Shop WujekMężczyzna, Malay, 20-35 years old, medium build, Able to speak basic English and malajski.Dodatki: 1 Girl Salon (16-25 years old Female, Chinese) 2 Students (16-25 years of age, any race / gender, must wear a school uniform) 3 Passer-Bys (of any age / gender / race, two required) ----------------------------- As this is a school project, There will be no wynagrodzenia.Jesteśmy also ready to provide copies of the film to the actors who want to use it as part of your portfolio or reel pokazać.Data Audition: Wednesday, April 17, 2013? Location: Singapore Polytechnic (exact location on campus to be potwierdzone.Czas: three p.m. - dziewiętnastaSkontaktujemy at all auditioners for your slot last day before odlewania.Jeśli would you like to take part as an actor in the production, napiszAfiq -? 97705757 or Zhou - 85719886 - ngzhenzhou1995@gmail.como your availability so that the filming schedule will be furnished in all areas of our aktorów.Chociaż availability can be an amateur student film, we promise our actors fruitful experience in filming with us. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Actors wanted for race potwierdzoneCzas three pm Audition Wednesday April must wear a
Actors wanted for "race, potwierdzoneCzas three pm, Audition Wednesday, April, must wear a

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