Casting for Student Film, contact Cristy Rodriguescristyamandarodrigues, years old, about, are from 20 - singapore, Singapore


Casting for Student Film, contact Cristy Rodriguescristyamandarodrigues, years old, about, are from 20

  • Location: singapore, Singapore
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  • Date Posted: Mar 12
  • Phone: 96620065
Short film student from Lasalle College of the Arts.Tytuł: Duke Merah deszcz.Reżyseria written by Matthew Rodrigues CristyLogline BarauskasWyprodukowany by: girl at the door is a woman struggling with a message to the dormitory aMuslim away by the film ojca.Opis 12-year-old lives Duke in a cramped, dark house, along with her conservative father, who is a truck driver by day and night, a gambler, and her mother, who is there in the house is used more as a function of the house. It can always, Duke will try to run away from home and visit the tree near where it admires the steadfast presence and flowing leaves, which compares to the włosów.Gdy one day he learns that she began a period of Duke, when he realizes that her life would soon change. In a traditional Indonesian, the event is celebrated with the coming-of-age ceremony, red rice, along with his father, mother, neighbors and extended family. For a brief moment, Duke is delighted with attention, gifts, and hears an unfamiliar feeling of those involved. However, her father, and then to announce that Duke now come of age, it will be sent to the Muslim dormitory to learn how to be "the right woman". In shock, Duke is trying to hold back the tears and realizes that this idea is supported by all gości.Dni before she returned, Duke struggles with the idea of ​​being away from home and her mother. As her mother, she realizes that she will have to wear a veil to cover her hair, which she sees as an act of violence. Begins to be more obedient to his father deliberately showing him that he can cook, clean, and take care of her home. He tries to talk to him about her whereabouts, but he sees it as a disobedient, and he becomes more assertive in sending it. The day Duka offer farewell to his mother and visited the tree for the last time. Along with her father, she then goes on to sypialni.Cały film will Bahasa Indo. Therefore, for this reason, we would prefer if our cast are Indonesians or are unable to speak in Bahasa Indo and a good knowledge of języka.Wyszukiwanie three ról.Kobieta, Malay, 30-50yrs old, free of March 20 and 22IKobieta, Malay, 11 - 15yrs old, free of March 20 and 22Szczegóły character profile: SUPPORTING Cast: ["EMAK" / MOTHER] [Woman] [AGE :30-38] Quiet and almost detached from his family, doing everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning and childcare. She sees her life as servitude to her family. [MRS. SUDARTI] [Woman] [AGE :39-46] is a friend of the mother and the Duke in a plump lady medicine. She loves to talk a lot and takes part in gossip udostępniania.MAIN CAST: [DUKA] [Woman] [AGE :11-14] protagonist. It is about 12 years old, about to enter puberty. He fights in her oppressive home, much more after her father decides to send her to religious dormitory. When in danger, visited her house nearby tree and sees the leaves as a metaphor for her hair, which will soon be covered by zasłoną.Nie will be able to pay our cast as a film student. However, meals and a copy of the dvd will be dostarczone.Pęd dates are from 20 - 22 marca.Jeżeli interested, or know anyone who is interested, please contact Cristy Rodriguescristyamanda.rodrigues @

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Casting for Student Film contact Cristy Rodriguescristyamandarodrigues years old about are from 20
Casting for Student Film, contact Cristy Rodriguescristyamandarodrigues, years old, about, are from 20

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