Group classes Accounts Rules (Again learn Syllabus), to time constraints, question with uczniamiNastpne, do on your - singapore, Singapore


Group classes Accounts Rules (Again learn Syllabus), to time constraints, question with uczniamiNastpne, do on your

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Group classes - Prepare for the level of N 2013Dobre results - About 90% of the goal A1 and A2 levels of O (Previously, most students are students F9) seven years of teaching experience, specializing in Principles of Accounts (POA) The course is conducted in a systematic and clear manner sercem.Nauczyciel is still exam-oriented and playful koncentrujeWyniki almost gwarantowaneSzczególnie good at building foundations, spotting exam questions and obracającF9 to A1Materiały zawarteTo teaching group is specifically designed for people who are not / was not well in the POA (ie F9 E8 D7 or C6). Due to the overwhelming requests, Irene will be opening two classes (one for the O-level and the other for the N Level). Irene will again be teaching Principles of Accounts for the new handbook entitled the chapter 1.Istnieje 18 topics included in the O Level Principles of Accounts Syllabus, approximately, two weeks will be devoted to one topic. We want to finish covering the whole curriculum in the middle of August and September, leaving the last two months on the practice of the earlier questions that came up during the levels of N in the last 10 years, as well as the earlier examinations of various szkółFormat Lesson: After 1.5 hours a week on lekcjiFirst 30 - 45 minutes to 30 minutes nauczaniaKolejne - The teacher will do 1-2 question with uczniamiNastępne 30 minutes - Students will be 1-2 such questions do on your own. The teacher will be about immediately, to help and improve each student in krytycznej.1 stage, five hours is optimal. However, the lesson may be extended to two hours to more difficult topics that need more time, or if it is closer to the exam and students need more time to clear their doubts. There will be additional charges for to.Jest a rare opportunity for students who want to take classes at Irene before, but did not have a chance because of her tight harmonogram.Aby maintain optimum attention and learning, class size will be kept very small from 3 to 5 osób.1-this lesson will start on 1 week of June, hence Students who wish to enroll in the class have to do it by June. This is because the class will follow a strict timetable, students who join the class in the middle of the road may not be able to catch up with what was previously brakowało.Zainteresowani students must enroll early to avoid disappointment, as the vacancies are very limited ( as you can see, due to time constraints Irene, only one group is available and class size is limited to 5 students) Location: Classes will be conducted in Yishun.Opłaty: $ 250/4lessonsPozostałe information: For more information on Irene, please visit : from former students, parents and Tuition Centres: / referencjeDlaczego Students Fail POA: poa / Feel free to call / SMS Irene in 9101-2214 :)!

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Group classes Accounts Rules Again learn Syllabus to time constraints question with uczniamiNastpne do on your
Group classes Accounts Rules (Again learn Syllabus), to time constraints, question with uczniamiNastpne, do on your

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