Hammond organ and keyboard from S $ 2,898, contains 96 guests, data on a, the effect of - singapore, Singapore


Hammond organ and keyboard from S $ 2,898, contains 96 guests, data on a, the effect of

  • Location: singapore, Singapore
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  • Date Posted: May 10
  • Phone: 98173032
The new model A405SP organA405SP Hammond Organ is a wooden cabinet featuring a traditional sounds of vintage Hammond organ drawbar, realistic sounds and convenient Extra MIDI sequencer pokładzie.Świetny appearance of organs for use in the home or KościółWiernie plays audio Tone-wheel - A405 contains 96 guests independent oscillating wheel digital tone that accurately reproduce the sound of vintage B-3 and C-3. In addition, it shall have full polyphony (All notes can be played at once) Built in additional votes - Additional voices such as piano, strings, brass, wind 880 instruments and 56 drum kits are built in the manufacture of realistic instrument sounds. 16 part multi-timbrall top GM compatible sound engine is included for playing GM for standard songs (play standard MIDI files) Advanced Digital Leslie / Vibrato Effects - A-405SP is equipped with a generator to simulate the effect of DSP-scanner vibrato and Leslie speaker. The sound field that you can create is enriched with the use of vibrato and chorus effects and the effects of real-sounding Leslie effectively simulates the rotation of the rotors, which are present in conventional loudspeakers Leslie.Equalizer and Tone Control - 3-band EQ and tone control are built-in equalizer can make fine tonal adjustments or items for bass, treble and mid-range frequencies. Tone-control system built to simulate the vintage B-3/C-3 pre-amp to a delicately carved high tony.Sequencer CompactFlash card slot - sequencer is built in to the player's shooting performance. The CompactFlash card is used to record data on a MIDI keyboard wydajności.Mistrz - the outer zone is available for each user and pedal to allow the body to be used as a master keyboard to control other external MIDI keyboard or device dźwiękowych.50 watt audio amplifier 3 CH - Built-in 50-watt amplifier for each Hannele bass left, right and Centrum.Zadzwoń / SMS Elka Music 65-98173032 for further details and przesylceNew SK 1 @ S $ 2,898, SK2 @ S $ 3,898 XK3C @ S 3980 dolarówNew Hammond B3P: U.S. 26,500 dolarówHammond A405SP - Please e-mail or SMS us at a promotional price.

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Hammond organ and keyboard from S 2 898 contains 96 guests data on a the effect of
Hammond organ and keyboard from S $ 2,898, contains 96 guests, data on a, the effect of

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