Programming / Application Inquiry Sales, what is the, water tank, can, and I am - singapore, Singapore


Programming / Application Inquiry Sales, what is the, water tank, can, and I am

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Company: Elance I saleperson to the bathroom and accessories, and I have to do quotes, which must include pictures of sanitary ware and I quote, in addition to price and product description in the listing file that I e-mail my client. I am currently using an Excel spreadsheet i) and manually copy and paste each picture of the product from my company brochure PDF insert quotation. ii) select Copy and paste the description next to the photo of the product) type III in the price and discount iv) should be added to the total price at the end of the quotation (see appendix samples with quote excel and I am currently using a sample page from the catalog of the products that I can cut and paste) This can be time consuming to do a quote that I can take from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours to do a single quote (for only 15-20 positions) is to spend most of the time to a) cut and paste different products in excel sheet b) type 20 different price and description of each product. Note: I have more than a total of 1000 different products listed in more than 20-30 products. Each product has me recommend accessories that need to be together with him in the quote. E, g, when you sell the water tank, can I have a picture tube and screw sizes (this will vary depending on usage) So you will have to mix and match. Here's what you need to help me - to create and develop applications that will allow me an easier way to my listing in the following format: 1) I am able to choose from a pop up screen that shows me a list - different brands of different product categories and product codes for each product and for choosing a product code, product image, description and price will automatically appear in the offer. 2) Then you need to show another option where I can add - "accessories needed", ie, after the election of each finished product, there should be an option that you can add the necessary accessories that come with the product. You should also give me a list of accessories to choose from and the selection, description, price and image enhancement will be inserted below the product that you have chosen. In this way, the client can see the listing of products in the following order: eg ----------------------------------- ---------------------------------------) product 1, description, and price discounts, and then (i) the accessory photo, description, price discounts and b) 2 product image, description, and price discounts, then (i) Accessory photo, description, and price discounts ------------ -------------------------------------------------- ----------------- 3) I'm only in electronic form from the 20-30 product catalogs in PDF format, but you have to "cut" each image in the directory using the software. (Approximately 1000 shots in total within 20 - 30 in the catalog) also need to copy the text (English text only) that comes with the product image. (You can outsource this part out) 4) can easily be added in future products / prices or price changes in the software. / System. 5) can simply click and complete citation will be automatically converted to PDF format by e-mail to the customer. It also should be a way that would allow me access to the same file should I do additionals or changes to it at any time. Please suggest: i) what is the most efficient way to do (programming / software / database MGT, etc. ..), ii) the period, you would have to do the job iii) citation of just how much can be done. It should be easy for someone who knows about it :) Criteria Skills. IPhone NET PHPPosition Type: Freelance

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Programming Application Inquiry Sales what is the water tank can and I am
Programming / Application Inquiry Sales, what is the, water tank, can, and I am

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