PSLE Maths Tuition 2013, engaging me as, httpprimarytuitionmsblogspotcomI the Primary, can visit my - singapore, Singapore


PSLE Maths Tuition 2013, engaging me as, httpprimarytuitionmsblogspotcomI the Primary, can visit my

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I am a very experienced PSLE ​​Maths teacher who provides PSLE ​​Maths Tuition in the West region of Singapore, mainly in Jurong. I have 12 years PSLE ​​mathematics teaching and tutoring experience - I have taught in a local primary school, two centers set tuition (I was Head of the Department of Primary Mathematics in one of the centers), private school and home as a freelance teacher. On average, each student will improve 10 to 20 marks after going three to six months of tuition mathematics. In 2012, all of my PSLE ​​students improved one to two grades for their PSLE ​​results matematyki.Mój PSLE ​​Maths Teaching Website - http://primarytuitionms.blogspot.comKontakt: johntuitionsg at gmail.comJako PSLE ​​Maths Tutor, my style of teaching mathematics is one of patience and encouragement mixed with meticulousness. I always explain math concepts and questions as thorough as possible, until the student can understand. For poor PSLE ​​math students, I will focus on building the basic concepts of mathematics, so that at least they can get an easier one character, two characters and three question marks correctly and pass mathematics. Focus will be on paper 1 and maths questions 1 - 10 of book 2 During the PSLE ​​Maths Tuition, I will go through all the math questions and the concept in a way, step by step, ensuring that they will be able to understand the solution to the end of the lesson math students czesnego.Dla capabilities aimed high and A *, the PSLE ​​Maths Tuition I'll show them a different kind of difficult math problems out of each topic and go through different approaches to solve questions and let them decide which approach is better suited to them. At the end of each topic, there will be a short test consisting of different types of difficult math questions mixed with other tematów.Stawka for my PSLE ​​Maths Tuition is $ 40 - $ 45 per hour, depending on location. Keep in mind that I teach only in Pioneer, Lakeside, Boon Lay and Jurong West. For Clementi and Jurong East, student residence must be within walking distance to MRT. I do not like to spend too much time traveling around the use of public transport. I'm sorry that other areas are out of my range nauczania.Jeśli you are interested in engaging me as a child's PSLE ​​Maths tutor, you can write to johntuitionsg at I normally respond within 24 hours. If you need more information about my PSLE ​​Maths Tuition, you can visit my http://primarytuitionms.blogspot.comI the Primary Maths Tuition for P3-P5 studentów.Dziękuję.

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PSLE Maths Tuition 2013 engaging me as httpprimarytuitionmsblogspotcomI the Primary can visit my
PSLE Maths Tuition 2013, engaging me as, httpprimarytuitionmsblogspotcomI the Primary, can visit my

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