Restaurant Manager, first, to the, Staff and management, around We intend - singapore, Singapore


Restaurant Manager, first, to the, Staff and management, around We intend

  • Location: singapore, Singapore
  • Street Address:
  • Date Posted: Apr 24
  • Phone: 96620065
Company: Restaurant Manager Job Type: Full-time Experience: 3 - 5 Salary: S $ 2300 - S $ 2800 Monthly Leader restauracjiPodsumowanie restauracjąJesteśmy popular new restaurant is located in Little India, featuring California cuisine, with an emphasis on small plates / replacement. We love to experiment and have fun with cooking produktów.Zarówno chef / owners are professionally trained in San Francisco (Le Cordon Bleu) and Napa Valley (Culinary Institute of America) and worked in various restaurants around the world. Our philosophy of food makes food from scratch, as an experimental and unconventional. Aromas are big, bold and ciekawe.Kąski is an open bar and open concept kitchen and the food has to be geared more informal atmosphere lively życiem.Obowiązki: Ensure the smooth functioning restaurant codzieńNadzoruje all management issues personelemAnaliza, optimization and planning of sales in the restaurant and rentownościPlanowanie Staff and management costs roboczejOdpowiedzialny force for the business performance of restauracjiKoordynowanie activities restauracjiReagowanie and customer feedbacks management / ReklamacjeRekrutacja and training pracownikówPoczątkowe and motivate a team of restauracjiUtrzymanie high standards of customer service, quality control and enterprise resource higienyZarządzanie and zarządzaniePrzygotowanie sales reports and cash floats codziennieWymagania: Have at least 2-3 years experience in a supervisory or podobnegoDoskonałe positing leadership and communication skills and the ability to lead and motivate pracownikówSprzedaż oriented and napędzanePosiadamy a wide range of skills and knowledge in all aspects of działalnościSzukasz: A young team, a person who is very team oriented. Anyone with some experience line cook, but more importantly, a passionate attitude towards nauki.Musi have problem solving skills, be self-motivated and most importantly zorganizowana.Nasza culture: We believe in commitment, first, to the staff, and next to our community around. We intend to create a comfortable working environment and a friendly, honest attitude throughout domu.Jeśli think it is appropriate for you, please send us an email with your CV and are as follows: ª? All Last Drawn Salary ª? Expected Salary ª? Date of availability ª? Reasons for leaving (Past & Present Employment) ª? Recent fotodo Petrina in r 97272494

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Restaurant Manager first to the Staff and management around We intend
Restaurant Manager, first, to the, Staff and management, around We intend

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