Writing test questions, should not take, can be copied, online Able - singapore, Singapore


Writing test questions, should not take, can be copied, online Able

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Company: Elance Looking for writers create test questions for the basic theory test Singapore's final test and Theory Theory Test Rider. Please note that you can create original or variations of questions. The price should include all purchases of materials, such as books or subscriptions online, which should not be more than USD50. You can refer to a number of questions available either in hard copy or online, but you need to create or change the original and pilferage will be considered. If you find that you are copying wholesale, we reserve the right to not complete the payment. Requirements: - Singapore freelance basis (you have to buy some materials, such as books Traffic Police tests etc) - Singapore has a Class 3 license. People with class 2B, 2A and 2 will have an advantage, but not mandatory - excellent knowledge of English - be able to create drawings, signs and road conditions for inclusion in the test questions. Road signs can be copied from existing materials or online. - Able to form at least 300 to 400 original questions for each test. This means that you will need at least 900 to 1200 questions in total. - Ability to create a EXCEL Keep in mind that there are many references available there, so it should not take more than two to three minutes to create any questions, including if necessary drawings created all the questions will become our property to be used in any way deem fit and you will have no claims at all. All intellectual property rights remain with us. Desirable skills: English Type WritingPosition: Freelance

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Writing test questions should not take can be copied online Able
Writing test questions, should not take, can be copied, online Able

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