Xcel Mover and relocation, have furniture, and phone NOS, times, and the - singapore, Singapore


Xcel Mover and relocation, have furniture, and phone NOS, times, and the

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  • Date Posted: Apr 15
  • Phone: 96620065
MOVER XCEL is specifically designed for landlords, tenants and agents one stop solution SERVICE.WHY Do you need to look for other contractors to manage them at different times, and the door open for them! We provide usługiJak for example * HOME * moving * WASTE REMOVAL OF OFFICE * PAINTING, * AIR-CON servicing, * CLEAN * Plumbing, * Electrician, Handyman * SERVICE * BUY the furniture! (You can choose the shipping option, if you find our price is low) * SELL FURNITURE 2ND HANDSpółka this was co-owner of three experienced real estate agents. We took a lot dealings.And understand the needs of property owners, tenants and Movers AGENTS.XCEL was created for the convenience of owners of properties for sale and rental properties managed by Global PROPERTY STRATEGIC ALLIANCE PROPERTY LEASING AGENTfor, created "Andrew Goh HIRE GROUP" (UNITED DIVISION) THAT equip powerful networks to find the best profile for the tenant? the best price for your home. CARE SERVICE POST was also after the transaction is closed. We provide services as described above for the owner / agent / tenant have? Minor issue, where we will be? Settle for nich.Takich like, * have furniture that had been left by the tenant, * INITIAL SERVICE AC, which is required to be serviced by the owner after the transfer of keys * HOUSE REMOVAL SERVICE, which is a must for both the landlord and agents of the contract * CHEAP QUALITY signed second hand furniture for sale to the owner who does not want to buy too expensive furniture, but you have quality furniture for their tenants. * CASH CONVERTER of furniture! Why throw it away, for cash!! * Cleaning for owners whose tenants do not clean up after handing ROOM * All this we can provide a one stop solution for them! FOR AGENTS $ $ $ $ $ XCEL Referral system MOVERS FOR AGENTS $ $ $ $ $ Accumulation RETURNED $ 500 / mth-REFERRAL FEE? $ 50up (10%) $ 1000/mth-ODESŁANIE Accumulation REFERRAL FEE $ 150up (15%) $ 2000/mth-ODESŁANIE Accumulation REFERRAL FEE $ 400up (20%) Anything below $ 500 referral is wypłacana.EVERY 15th of the month , the fee will be refunded Referral! Note: * Pls leave me your name and phone NOS for referrals, you can either give me the contact with customers or we can work with you QUOTATION.For those who do not leave your name and mobile NOS cases not responding behind. * Any successful quotation and service after the deportation, u will be updated on the results and the transaction closed, so you can keep an eye on your sprawyZAPROSZENIE 97370002 (Andrew GOH) OFERTOWEXCEL MOVERS & Relocation PTE LTD

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Xcel Mover and relocation have furniture and phone NOS times and the
Xcel Mover and relocation, have furniture, and phone NOS, times, and the

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